Estate Planning

“Your life is complicated enough. Estate planning should be simple.”

estate-planning--phoenix-attorney-stephen-follett-lawThere is no greater gift you can give your loved ones than the peace of mind knowing that in the event you pass away, your affairs are taken care of. Use the “Request Consultation” button below or call for a FREE ESTATE PLANNING consultation (480) 396-3600.

While estate planning can be a complex and sometimes frustrating process, it is a critical aspect of ensuring that your loved ones are protected and your wishes will be honored after your death. Without a proper estate plan in place, your loved ones could face devastating financial consequences in the event that you die or become incapacitated. Determining how you want your assets distributed and what wishes you want honored before you need to can ease the stress of your loved ones and provide them comfort if the unexpected happens.

Estate planning is much more than creating a will. While every individual should have a will in place, it is only the first step. For many individuals, especially business owners or persons with significant assets, there is much more to estate planning such as coordinating life insurance policies, investment portfolios, and checking and savings accounts. Blended families, families with disabled dependents, and other unique situations require even more assistance when creating an estate plan. If you or a loved one need to create a solid plan for your estate, or simply want to learn more about the estate planning process, it is imperative that you reach out to an experienced Arizona estate planning lawyer as soon as possible.

The Simple Estate Planning process is completed in easy steps:

  1. You explain to your desired results.
  2. I explain the simplest estate planning tools available to achieve the results.
  3. You select the estate planning options that meet your needs.

The most important element to creating a simple estate plan is the process of guided decision making. When you understand the process you can select from among the simplest and most effective tools available. Your life has many variables that can make an estate plan complicated and difficult to understand. Several tools may be needed, but it depends entirely on your assets, your beneficiaries, and other factors.

Why create a Simple Estate Plan?

Make it simple for you.

Complicated estate plans can require you to frequently return to your estate planning attorney unnecessarily. It takes your time and money. Simple estate plans do not require constant updating because of the latest changes in the law or because you move, sell a house, or change banks. Don’t make your life more difficult with a complicated plan.

Make it simple for your loved ones.

If you have been through the process of settling a probate or trust estate after the death of a loved one, you already know that it can be a very frustrating and difficult process at a time of deep grief. If you haven’t had that experience, you should know from the experience of others that even the simplest estate is difficult after the death of a loved one.

Avoid family fights and lawsuits.

Everyone knows that a death or illness can bring out the worst, even among a harmonious family. If you haven’t put in place an estate plan and decided who will execute that plan, you are creating opportunities for conflict that often result in lawsuits and ruin family relations forever. Only the lawyers win in a probate fight.

Why does Estate Planning seem so hard?

  • Many attorneys and “document preparers” view wills and trusts as a product to sell.
  • Other attorneys may only use unnecessary and complicated trusts.
  • Other attorneys may use a one size fits all approach that doesn’t fit your situation.
  • Other attorneys may meet with their clients only once, and the paralegal does all the other work.
  • Other attorneys may draft trusts and plans that require constant updating and amendments.

Why I make the process of estate planning simple and easy.

Attorney Stephen W. Follett is the principal and founding attorney of Follett Law, and has significant experience in helping clients to set up a well-crafted estate plan. With several years of experience in assisting Arizona residents in creating solid estate plans, he has a unique approach that enables him to offer clients with legal services tailored to their specific needs. As opposed to creating large, complex estate plans that are aimed at generating more legal fees, Attorney Follett focuses on helping clients create easy to understand, workable plans that can be enacted flawlessly in a time of need.

Contact Stephen W. Follett today for a FREE ESTATE PLANNING CONSULTATION to discuss your legal needs and to learn more about the estate planning options that are available to you in your unique situation. You can be confident that when you work with Attorney Follett, your needs are a priority and that he will provide you with top notch legal representation from the start. Don’t wait to protect your family and your end-of-life wishes — call today.

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