Stephen W. Follett, Attorney at Law

Attorney Stephen W. Follett is dedicated to protecting the best interests of his clients, and can provide you with seasoned legal advice. By contacting a veteran Maricopa County attorney with extensive experience in estate planning, trusts and probate, estate litigation, conservatorship, and guardianship, you can be confident that you have the tools you need to effectively manage the situation at hand.

Arizona estate planning can be simple. Adequately planning for the future is an important step in making sure that your loved ones are protected and that your wishes will be honored if when you are unable to do so by disability or death. A good plan will allow your loved ones the freedom they need to grieve.

If you need trustworthy legal advice for an Arizona probate issue in or out of court, Stephen W. Follett has extensive experience in the specialized issues in probate matters such as administration of a living revocable trust, probate of wills and estates, guardianship and conservatorship, contested wills or trusts, alleged breaches of fiduciary duty by a trustee, and other contested probate court matters. He has extensive experience in Maricopa and Pinal County, and has handled matters all across Arizona for satisfied clients.

Contact Stephen W. Follett, Attorney at Law today to schedule a consultation to speak with an experienced estate planning and litigation attorney. He is available now to assist you with your legal needs, whether you are interested in creating or updating a will or living revocable trust, have been named the trustee of an estate, need to contest a will or trust, or are facing possible probate or estate litigation.

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